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Governor Alva Adams Book Collection

Identifier: PCCLD-1963-001

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Books selected from Adams library and donated to the library on his behalf.


  • Publication: 1850 - 1963


352 Volumes

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  • Allen, W. W., & Avery, R. B. (1893). California Gold Book: First nugget its discovery and discoverers and some of the results proceeding therefrom. Donhue & Henneberry.
  • American Historical Society. (1900). Annual report of the American Historical Society for the year 1903. Govt Printing Office
  • American National Live Stock Association. (1906). Proceedings of the first annual convention of the American National Live Stock Association. The Association.
  • Anderson, A. D. (1877). The silver country: Or, the great southwest; a review of the mineral and other wealth, the attractions and material development of the former kingdom of New Spain, comprising Mexico and the Mexican cessions to the United States in 1848 and 1853. G.P. Putnam's Sons.
  • Armstrong, M. K. (1901). The early empire builders of the great West.
  • Audubon, J. W. (1906). Audubon's western journal, 1849-1850.
  • Baillie-Grohman, W. A. (2018). Camps in the Rockies: Being a narrative of life on the frontier, and sport in the Rocky Mountains, with an account of the cattle ranches of the west. S. Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington.
  • Baker, A. G. (1899). The Colorado volunteers.
  • Baker, J. H., Hafen, L. R. R., (1927). History of Colorado. Linderman Co., Inc.
  • Bancroft, H. H. (1882). The works of Hubert Howe Bancroft. A.L. Bancroft & Company.
  • Bandelier, A. F. A. (1893). The gilded man. Rio Grande Press.
  • Bandini, H. E. (1908). History of California. American Book Co.
  • Barnes, D. (1866). From the Atlantic to the Pacific, overland: A series of letters. D. Van Nostrand.
  • Beadle, J. H. (1877). Western wilds, and the men who redeem them: An authentic narrative embracing an account of seven years travel and adventure in the Far West. Jones.
  • Bell, W. A. (1870). New tracks in North America: A journal of travel and adventure whilst engaged in the survey for a southern railroad to the Pacific Ocean during 1867-8. Chapman & Hall.
  • Bigelow, J. (1856). Memoir of the life and public services of John Charles Fremont. Derby & Jackson.
  • Bigney, T. O. (1875). A month with the muses: Colorado tales and legends of the earlier days: In verse, and some fugitive rhyming lines. T.O. Bigney.
  • Bird, I. L. (1881). A lady's life in the Rocky Mountains. G.P. Putnam's Sons.
  • Blackmore, W. (1869). Colorado: its resources, parks, and prospects as a new field for emigration; with an account of the Trenchara and Costilla Estates in the San Luis Park. [With maps.]. Sampson Low & Co.
  • The blue book of Colorado Springs, Colorado City and Manitou. (1898). Blue Book Pub. Co.
  • Bowles, S. (1869). Our new west: Records of travel between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. Hartford Publ. Co.
  • Bowles, S. (1869). The Switzerland of America: A summer vacation in the parks and mountains of Colorado. S. Bowles & Co.
  • Boyd, D. (1890). A history: Greeley and the Union Colony of Colorado. Greeley Tribune Press.
  • Brewerton, G. D. (1856). The war in Kansas: A rough trip to the border. Derby & Jackson.
  • Brown, J. G. (1898). The history of equal suffrage in Colorado, 1868-1898. News Job Print. Co.
  • Brockett, L. P. (1881). Our western empire, or, the new west beyond the Mississippi. Bradley & Garretson.
  • Buckman, G. R. (1893). Colorado Springs, Colorado, and its famous scenic environs. Trow Print.
  • Campbell, W. C. (1901). A Colorado Colonel and other sketches. Crane.
  • Carlton, A. B. (n.d.). The wonderlands of the wild west, with sketches of the Mormons.
  • Carson, A. C. (1912). Colorado, top of the world. Smith-Brooks Co.
  • C.F. Coleman's Publishing House. (1887). Legislative, historical and biographical compendium of Colorado: Embracing information pertinent to the formation of its territorial and state governments, together with a full list of officers and legislators, and interesting biographical sketches. C.F. Coleman.
  • Chambers, K. L. (1897). Prospective view from Pike's Peak. Chain & Hardy Co.
  • Chapin, F. H. (1890). Mountaineering in Colorado: The peaks about Estes Park. Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington.
  • Chittenden, H. M. (1986).
  • Clements, F. E., & Clements, E. S. (1914). Rocky mountain flowers: An illustrated guide for plantlovers and plant-users. The H.W. Wilson Co.
  • Clifford, H. B. (1909). Rocks in the road to fortune: Or, the unsound side of mining. Gotham Press.
  • Codman, J. (1879).
  • Colorado. (1913). A book of holidays. Department of Public Instruction.
  • Colorado. (1914). A book of holidays. Department of Public Instruction.
  • Colorado. (1915). A book of holidays. Department of Public Instruction.
  • Colorado. (1874). Biennial report of the superintendent of public instruction of the state of Colorado. Smith-Brooks Printing Co
  • Colorado. (1894). Fourth biennial report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the State of Colorado. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Colorado. (1898). Laws and regulations for the government of the national guard of Colorado, articles of war and U.S. law relating to the militia. Adjutant-General's Office.
  • Colorado. (1887). Reports of cases determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Colorado. Callaghan.
  • Colorado (1893). Sketches and portraitures of the state officers and members of the ninth general assembly of Colorado. Carson, Hurst & Harper.
  • Colorado Bureau of the Mines. (1913). Twelfth Biennial Report of the Bureau of Mines of the State of Colorado for the Years 1911 and 1912. Smith-Brooks.
  • Colorado Geological Survey. (1910). Colorado Geological Survey bulletins 1 and 2. CGS.
  • Colorado School of Mines. (1887). Biennial report of the State school of mines, 1886. News Print. Co.
  • Colorado School of Mines. (1922) Quarterly of the Colorado School of Mines.
  • Colorado State Commercial Association. (1905). Official proceedings of the fourth annual convention of the Colorado State Reality Association reincorporated as the Colorado State Commercial Association. Colorado State Commercial Association.
  • Colorado State Horticultural and Forestry Association. (1887). Annual report of the Colorado State Horticultural and Forestry Association. Colorado State Horticultural and Forestry Association.
  • Colorado State Penitentiary. (1918) Twenty-first biennial report. Eames Bros.
  • Colorado State Penitentiary. (1920) Twenty-second biennial report.
  • Colorado State Treasurer. (1892). Biennial report of the state treasurer. Gazette Printing Co.
  • Colorado State University. (1895). Silver spruce.
  • Colorado Yearbook. (1919)
  • Colorado Yearbook. (1958)
  • Colorado Yearbook. (1961)
  • Coman, K. (1912). Economic beginnings of the far West: How we won the land beyond the Mississippi. MacMillan.
  • Cook, D. J., and Cook, J. W. (1897). Hands up: Or, Thirty-five years of detective life in the mountains and on the plains. The W. F. Robinson Printing Co.
  • Costigan, E. P. (1940). Public ownership of government: Collected papers of Edward P. Costigan. Vanguard Press.
  • Coulter, J. M. (1885). Manual of the botany (Phaenogamia and Pteridophyta) of the Rocky Mountain region from New Mexico to the British boundary. American Book Co.
  • Crofutt, G. A. (1881). Crofutt's grip-sack guide of Colorado: A complete encyclopedia of the state: resources and condensed authentic descriptions of every city, town, village, station, post office and important mining camp in the state Overland Pub. Co.
  • The Daily Chieftain (n.d.)
  • Dale, H. C., Ashley, W. H., & Smith, J. S. (1918). The Ashley-Smith explorations and the discovery of a central route to the Pacific, 1822-1829: With the original journals. The Arthur H. Clark Co.
  • Darley, G. M. (1899). Pioneering in the San Juan: Personal reminiscences of work done in southwestern Colorado during the "great San Juan excitement". Fleming H. Revell.
  • Davis, C. B. (1940). The Arkansas (Rivers Of America Series). Farrar & Rinehart.
  • Davis, C. C. (1916). Olden times in Colorado. The Phillips Publishing Company.
  • Denison, C. (1881). Rocky Mountain health resorts: An analytical study of high altitudes in relation to the arrest of chronic pulmonary disease. Houghton, Mifflin.
  • Denver Athletic Club. (1898). The Denver Athletic Club book. Carson, Hurst & Harper.
  • Denver Club. (1920) Officers, Members, etc.
  • Denver Republican. (1911).
  • Dilke, C. W. (1869). Greater Britain. J.B. Lippincott & Co.
  • Dill, R. G. (1895). The political campaigns of Colorado: With complete tabulated statements of the official vote. Arapahoe Pub. Co.
  • Dixon, W. H. (1867). New America. J.B. Lippincott.
  • Drake, S. A. (1887). The making of the great West, 1512-1883. C. Scribner's Sons.
  • Eastman, E. (1873). Seven and nine years among the Camanches and Apaches: An autobiography. Johnson.
  • Ebbert, W. B. (1897). On Colorado's fair mesas: Miscellany in prose and verse. Mail Publishing Co.
  • Eldridge, E. F. (1905). The Sinbad mines: A tale of the Rockies. Reed Pub. Co.
  • Ellis, A. (1929). The life of an ordinary woman. Houghton Mifflin Co.
  • Fitch, M. H. (1914). Ranch life, and other sketches. Franklin Press Co.
  • Fossett, F. (1876). Colorado: a historical, descriptive and statistical work on the Rocky Mountain gold and silver mining region. Daily Tribune.
  • Fowler, G. (1933). Timber line: A story of Bonfils and Tammen. Garden City Publishing Company.
  • France, L. B. (1886). Mountain trails and parks in Colorado. Chain, Hardy & Co.
  • France, L. B. (1890). Mr. Dide: His vacation in Colorado.
  • Fremont, J. B. (1862). The story of the guard: A chronicle of the war. Ticknor and Fields.
  • Fritz, P. S. (1941). Colorado, the centennial state. Prentice-Hall, Inc.
  • Fountain, P. (1905).
  • Galbreath, T. C. (1907). Chasing the cure in Colorado: Being some account of the author's experiences in looking for health in the West, with a few observations that should be helpful and encouraging to the tubercular invalid, who, either from choice or from necessity, remains in his own home to "chase the cure".
  • Geological Survey of the Territories (U.S.), Hayden, F. V., & United States. (1869). Preliminary field report of the United States Geological Survey. Government Publishing Office.
  • Gilpin, W. (1860). The central gold region: The grain, pastoral and gold regions of North America. With some new views of its physical geography and observations on the Pacific railroad. Sower Barnes & Co.
  • Gilpin, W. (1873). Mission of the North American people, geographical, social, and political. J.B. Lippincott & Co.
  • Gordon, S. A. (1879). Camping in Colorado: With suggestions to gold-seekers, tourists and invalids. Authors' Pub. Co.
  • Graff, J. F. (1882). "Graybeard's" Colorado; or, Notes on the centennial state: Describing a trip from Philadelphia to Denver and back in the autumn and winter of 1881-82. J.B. Lippincott & Co.
  • Greatorex, E. (1873). Summer etchings in Colorado. Putnam's Sons.
  • Greeley, H. (1860). An overland journey: From New York to San Francisco, in the summer of 1859. Saxton.
  • Greely, A. W. (1893). Explorers and travellers. New York: C. Scribner's Sons.
  • Greenwood, G. (1873). New life in new lands: Notes of travel. J.B. Ford.
  • Gregg, J. (1845). Commerce of the prairies.
  • Gunnison, J. W. (1856). The Mormons, or, Latter-Day Saints, in the valley of the Great Salt Lake: A history of their rise and progress, peculiar doctrines, present condition, and prospects, derived from personal observation during a residence among them. J.B. Lippincott & Co.
  • Hafen, L. R. R., Hafen, A. W., & McNeill, C. J. (1943). Colorado: A story of the state and its people. The Old West Pub. Co.
  • Hall, E. H., Camp, C. L., & Wagner, H. R. (1864). The great west: Emigrants', settlers' & travellers' guide and hand-book to the states of California and Oregon, and the territories of Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington. With a full and accurate account of their climate, soil, resources, and products, accompanied by a map. Tribune Office.
  • Hall, F., & Rocky Mountain Historical Society. (1889). History of the state of Colorado. Blakely Print. Co.
  • Harper's Magazine.
  • Hart, H. M. (1917). Recollections and reflections. Smith-Brooks Print. Co.
  • Hickman, B. (1904). Brigham's destroying angel: Being the life, confession, and startling disclosures of the notorious Bill Hickman.
  • Hollister, O. J. (1867). The mines of Colorado. S. Bowles.
  • Jackson, H. H. (1896). Rhymes of the rockies: Or, what the poets have found to say of the beautiful scenery on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, the scenic line of the world. Poole Bros., Printers and Engravers.
  • Mayer, B. (1847). Mexico as it was and as it is. G.B. Zieber & Co.
  • McClure, A. K. (1869). Three thousand miles through the Rocky mountains. J.B. Lippincott.
  • Milburn, William Henry, 1823-1903. (1860). The pioneers, preachers, and people of the Mississippi Valley. Derby & Jackson.
  • Mullan, J. (1865). Miners and travellers' guide to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Via the Missouri and Columbia rivers.
  • Official souvenir and manual of the fifteenth general assembly and state of Colorado (1905). E.J. Miller.
  • Pabor, W. E. (1883). Colorado as an agricultural state: Its farms, fields, and garden lands. Orange Judd Co.
  • Phillips, W. A., & Gale. (1856). Conquest of Kansas by Missouri and her allies: A history of the troubles in Kansas, from the passage of the Organic Act until the close of July, 1856. Phillips, Sampson and Company.
  • Pike, Z. M., & Coues, E. (1895). The expeditions of Zebulon Montgomery Pike: To headwaters of the Mississippi River, through Louisiana territory, and in New Spain, during the years 1805-6-7. Francis P. Harper.
  • Pike, Z. M., & DeWitt, D. (1906). Pike and Pike's Peak: A brief life of Zebulon Montgomery Pike and extracts from his journal of exploration. Gowdy-Simmons Press.
  • Poets and Authors' Club of Colorado. (1898). An evening with the poets and authors' club of Colorado. W.H. Kistler Stationery Co.
  • Robinson, S. T. L. (1856). Kansas: Its interior and exterior life. Crosby, Nichols & Co.
  • Ruxton, G. F. (1855). Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains. Harper.
  • Schaeffer, L. M. (1860). Sketches of travels in South America, Mexico and California. J. Egbert.
  • Society of Sons of Colorado. (1919). The trail: A magazine "for Colorado". Will C. Bishop.
  • Smith, W. R. (1854). History of Wisconsin in three parts, historical, documentary, and descriptive. Beriah Brown.
  • State Historical Society of Wisconsin. (1857). Third annual report and collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin: For the year 1856. Calkins & Webb.
  • Thorpe, F. N. (1894). A course in civil government: Based on "The government of the people of the United States.". Eldredge & Brother.
  • Tuttle, C. R. (1876). A new centennial history of the State of Kansas: Being a full and complete civil, political, and military history of the state from its earliest settlement to the present time. Inter-State Book Co.
  • Union Colony of Colorado., & Pabor, W. E. (1871). First annual report of the Union Colony of Colorado, including a history of the town of Greeley, from its date of settlement to the present time: With descriptive chapters on agriculture, irrigation, climate, mountain scenery, flora, churches, schools, societies, &c. G.W. Southwick.
  • United States. (1860). Executive documents printed by order of the House of Representatives during the First session of the Thirty-sixth Congress, 1859-60. Thomas H. Ford.
  • United States Department of the Interior. (1922) Govt Printing Office.
  • United States, & Stansbury, H. (2015). An expedition to the valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah: Including a description of its geography, natural history and minerals. Lippincott, Grambo, & Co.
  • Upham, C. W. (1856). Life, explorations and public services of John Charles Fremont. Ticknor and Fields.
  • Whittaker, M. L. (1917). Pathbreakers and pioneers of the Pueblo region. The Franklin Press Company.
  • Willard, J. F. (1918). The union colony at Greeley, Colorado, 1869-1871. University of Colorado.
  • Wilson, R. A. (1855). Mexico and its religion. Harper & Bros.
  • Woman's Council of Defense for Colorado. (1918). Report of the woman's council of defense for Colorado: From November 30, 1917 to November 30, 1918.
  • Women's Club of Denver. (1904). Annual announcement. Merchant's Pub. Co.
  • Wislizenus, F. A. (1840). Ein Ausflug nach den Felsen-Gebirgen im Jahre 1839. W. Weber.
  • Young, J. S. (1897). The government of the people of the state of Colorado. Eldredge & Brother.
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